Things That You Will Need For Your Move

Posted on 9 August 2013

When moving to the Salton Sea, one should prepare by bringing all the essentials. Of course, most people will forget something as moving is a big chore. Here are three things that one should not forget while making their move.

Boxes: Most people grab a few boxes and think they are done. However, when making a significantmove, one will need more than a few boxes. Ideally, one should head to a local storeand ask if they can have any cardboard boxes. When having enough, one will not have to pack items in an Read the rest of this entry »

Insuring Vacation Homes

Posted on 23 June 2013

A vacation home is meant to be a place of rest and relaxation where you can leave the stress of everyday life far behind you. Unfortunately, without proper vacation home insurance, you can be susceptible to paying for lost items due to theft or damage from natural disasters, quickly bringing the realities of life to your vacation doorstep. Let’s discover more about vacation home insurance to keep your home away from home as secure and protected as possible.

How Vacation Home Insurance Works

Similar to standard home insurance, home insurance for your vacation home can protect your home and your valuable possessions in the event of the following situations:

  • Vandalism
  • Burglary
  • Fire
  • Storm damage
  • Lightning

In addition to the above circumstances, vacation home insurance also typically includes liability insurance, which protects you from losses that might occur from accidents taking place on your property.

Important Considerations

There are many things to consider when acquiring vacation home insurance. If you have a vacation home in an area that is subject to severe weather conditions, it is necessary that you have enough policy coverage to protect your home in the event of a hurricane, avalanche, tornado, and other natural disasters. Here are some more things to consider:

  • Similar to most standard home insurance policies, standard vacation home insurance policies do not cover flood damage. As witnessed by the devastation caused by Hurricane Katrina, flood demand can be quite severe. Therefore, having a separate flood insurance policy for your vacation home is a wise idea.
  • Earthquake insurance is also not included in standard vacation home insurance policies and should be purchased separately as well.
  • If your vacation home is in an area that is vulnerable to forest fires, such as Southern California or Colorado, simple steps like clearing brush and potential fire hazards from the perimeter of your property can go a long way in reducing the risk of losing your home to a devastating fire.

Vacation Home Insurance Discounts

Although you will likely only use your vacation residence for a few short weeks or months out of the year, vacation home insurance can often be more expensive than standard home insurance coverage. The increased vacancy time of the residence makes it more susceptible to burglars and possible damage caused by violent storms, which is a primary factor in the increased insurance costs. Fortunately, many home insurance companies provide the following discounts to help keep the cost of insuring your vacation home as low as possible:

  • Multi-Policy Discounts – Homeowners who bundle their vacation home insurance with their standard home insurance, auto insurance, and other insurance products provided by the same insurer can receive substantial discounts.
  • Safety Discounts – Homes with security systems may be eligible for cost-saving safety discounts.
  • New Home Discounts – Newly built vacation homes or homes with updated structures, plumbing, wiring, and HVAC systems can qualify for new home discounts offered by many insurers.

Whether you are purchasing a beach cottage in the Florida Keys or a mountain retreat in the Rockies, obtaining adequate vacation home insurance is important to keep your vacation home protected and awaiting you with open arms when relaxation calls.

Settling Into Your New Residence With Ease

Posted on 21 May 2013

Moving into a new home in the Salton Sea area can be exciting, but it can also be pretty frightening. It’s always strange moving to a new home in a new location, but there are things that you can do in order to settle in to your new home and surroundings.

First of all, try to get as much of an understanding of the area as you can prior to moving in. For instance, consider searching Read the rest of this entry »

Finding The Best Homes In The Salton Sea Area

Posted on 4 April 2013

There are many homes available in Salton Sea, and a person can take their time when searching for the home that is the best for them. By searching for a home that has the options, the additions and the attributes that a person really wants, they can ensure that they get an exceptional home for an excellent price.

Look For Many Different Listings

There are many places where homes are listed for sale. Many websites offer a huge selection of homes for sale in a certain area, and the more homes that a person looks at Read the rest of this entry »

Connect With Nature In The Salton Sea Waterfront Area

Posted on 7 October 2012

When looking for a great place to relocate, consider the Salton Sea waterfront area. You will find that you can have the greatest life at Salton Sea. If you are an outdoors person, this is going to be the perfect place for you. You can enjoy fishing whenever you want or just lazy days by the water enjoying a good book.

Maybe you prefer boating or other water sports, Salton Sea is going to provide you with all of the water activities that you can handle. You’ll be able to Read the rest of this entry »

Salton Sea Waterfront Offers A Great Living Experience

Posted on 6 October 2012

The Salton Sea is a hidden treasure that many people have failed to look at or really know about. But that is changing. More and more people are drawn to this unique body of water that boasts adventure and more to people and families of all ages, shapes and sizes. There is so much to do around the Salton Sea waterfront.

You can live close to this large body of water or you can see it from afar. Read the rest of this entry »

How To Reduce Stress When Moving Into Your Home

Posted on 4 October 2012

Moving into a new home can be a stressful time. There are things that can be done to change moving from a stressful situation to a enjoyable one. When done right, moving can become a postive experience.

The first step to reducing stress when moving is to allow yourself time to prepare for the move. If there are a lot of steps that must be taken during the moving process, giving yourself time to take care of everything help. One reason people make moving so stressful is because they do everything at the last Read the rest of this entry »

Getting The Most Value When Selling Your Home

Posted on 2 October 2012

When people decide to sell their houses, they try to get as much money as possible from the purchase. This is often necessary to get a positive return on a home investment, because nobody wants to lose out on a home that they likely put thousands of dollars into. Well, it can be quite easy to get an amazing price for a home as long as a few things are done first.

When people sell their homes, they must make sure that everything inside and outside the home looks perfect. This Read the rest of this entry »

Unique Homes In The Salton Sea Waterfront Area

Posted on 28 September 2012

The Salton Sea waterfront is an absolutely stunning place to call home. It is a neat place that is off the beaten path. It may not be what your typical person desires but if you like adventure then you will love this strange and wonderful place to call home..

Buying a home in this unique area may just be your final home that you will never want to leave. The fresh air, the star gazing nights and more can be yours when Read the rest of this entry »